„Trendi” with an „i”

Trendy is a word we use when we don’t know what to say about fashion. Trends are spoken by the greatest old hands, but is also spoken by my old auntie, who asks me „Now, tell me what is trendy in fashion, Darling” with a smirk on Her face. Lately i’ve also witnessed an extraordinary situation while thrift shopping. An old lady picked up a shirt and carefully looked at it, while the other lady, who passed her by, snorted and said: „Oh, you don’t want to take this, it’s not trendy anymore!”. Then the polite lady put down the hanger because she can’t afford being un-tredny. On the other hand I regularly visit my grandma and she always pulls out „this or that is fashionable, it’s good to own a shirt with that kind of pattern and the other one you better throw out”. „Why throw out?”- I’m thinking by the way – „if you can give it to someone”, but my grandma is getting too deep into what’s fashionable to care. She keeps on forgetting that I’m kinda into fashion and I already know animal prints are hot and that 70’ strike again. I won’t convince Her because she’s doing great as a fashion expert. Eventually she reproves and asks me: „So what else should we wear this season, Mal?”. Everything, grandma. Absolutely everything.

And just like that – today absolutely everything is fashionable. Of course you can list several „autumn season’s hot topics”: panter/zebra prints, snake and crocodile skin, checkered pattern, intense colours, tassels, artificial fur, coats, oversized down jacket and 80’s styled silhouette taken by storm. Yes, it’s all about autumn favorites and „must have’s” but the truth is we’re living at the times when it’s really hard to say what is or isn’t trendy anymore. It only takes a glance at nooks and crannies of big cities and what young generation wears. Youth is carelessly pulling out clothes from grandma’s, mum’s, dad’s or sibling’s wardrobe, second hand shops and stacks of materials that were marked as: „throwaway”. It’s fashionable to be unfashionable, to be dressed on a contrary of what we can find in chain stores, therefore there’s no chance not to be dressed ‘trendy’. The more freakish the better, the uglier – the more interesting and to be more ‘off’ is to be in style… An so on and so forth. Trends infiltrate and have no boundries. Vintage goes side by side with futurism, ugliness with diamonds and pearls – glory and gore goes hand in hand and makes headlines.



There is a huge contribiution of individuals such as Gosha Rubchinskiy or Demna Gvasalia, who is responsible for the revolution signed by labels „Balenciaga” and „Vetements”. New aesthetics and design, which Gvasalia brought to live, gave green light to everyone who couldn’t make it in fashion world. Outsiders became the biggest icons who are worthy copying on runaways and is seasonal collections. Suddenly all that is odd, passe, alternative and for some people considered ugly entered fashion mainstream. Dressing opposite to ongoing trends paradoxically became the biggest hit of the past few years. The more you try to be outmoded, the more you’re brought into spotlight.

The best example of that is also Alessandro Michele and his Gucci aesthetics. The era of his reign is an era of cleaning out closets and making it into very eclectic, whimsical, absurdy fascinating mode of expression. Michele is another revolucionist to who we owe a huge trend for everything that has ever crossed our wardrobe. To every non-believer I recommend watching a S/S 2020 collection, where is no room for coincidence but at the same time everything seems to be nothing else but fortuity. The artistry of Michele relies on the excellence of fortuitousness. Why, you may ask? Because more and more people slowly get rid of wearing leopard pattern, gest sick and tired of imitated crocodile leather and simply rebels, or maybe bacause we’ve really seen everything in fashion already and it’s silly to say checkered pattern is trendy over and over again. Maybe we’ve finalny pushed boundries of absurd when maximizm and minimalizm triumphs at the same time? It’s hard to find oneself in all that mess, that’s why it’s good to stay true to trend of being unfashionable. We will end up as the greatest fashionist after all.

tekst oryginalny w języku polskim: Malwa Wawrzynek


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